Luxury international e-commerce marketplace

Designing an international E-commerce website and a mobile application for 24 Sèvres, a leading marketplace dedicated to top french luxury LVMH brands.


Lead Ux/UI Designer
Product Designer
Art direction


E-commerce layouts & responsive
Design system
Technical documentation
Mobile application

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Luxury goods

Application mobile 24S
Application mobile 24S


24 Sèvres, aspiring to establish a significant digital footprint in the luxury e-commerce domain, sought the expertise of my Agency Uni to craft a state-of-the-art online shopping experience. The venture required an intersection of tradition and modernity, echoing the Parisian spirit that has always been the essence of 24 Sèvres, while harnessing the current e-commerce trends and technologies in Luxury. On this mission, I was leading a team composed of an UX/UI designer junior and a UI designer / Illustrator


My team at Uni was deeply integrated onsite with the client, I was working hand-in-hand with the CEO, the Head of UX, and the technical teams of 24 Sèvres. Our initial focus revolved around the functional aspect, the UX design, where we conducted exhaustive tests with Axance to pinpoint and rectify navigational challenges on the platform. A special emphasis was laid on the purchasing tunnel to cater to the specific demands of each brand showcased on the site. Transitioning to the UI Design phase, the art direction adhered strictly to the aesthetics of luxury — simplicity, sophistication, and a muted color palette highlighting the product’s delicacy. A « Mobile first » strategy was pivotal, with mobile interfaces being prioritized and later expanded to desktop versions. We also designed a  Mobile application IOS which is rated 4.8/5 on Apple Store.

To lend a distinct flair, bespoke illustrations, icons, and pictograms were crafted by our artist, Hadrien Durand Baïssas. The site, adorned with intricate details, color interplays, and animations, encapsulated the quintessential Parisian spirit.

Design d'expérience utilisateur
User experience design, wireframing
Extrait du styleguide
Extrait du styleguide
E-commerce version desktop
E-commerce version desktop