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Elevating a private showroom luxury brand by designing a global digital platform experience.


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Arlettie version mobile
Arlettie version mobile


Arlettie Paris, renowned for curating exclusive private showrooms for luxury goods, sought to expand their influence digitally. Without a prior online platform, Arlettie’s vision was to intertwine luxury aesthetics with user convenience, driving both new client acquisition and loyal customer engagement.
My mission was to establish a robust online presence for Arlettie Paris, capturing the brand’s luxury essence while streamlining event access and e-commerce functionalities.

Arlettie Design mobile
Arlettie Mobile first

Client Collaboration

The Arlettie CEO hired my services as she was looking for my UI style design as well as my UX experience in the luxury field. We were engaged together in a frequent face-to-face consultations, ensuring that designs not only met but surpassed her distinct luxury vision. This hands-on collaboration became the cornerstone of the project’s success.

Design process

Leading my own team, we embarked on a journey to translate Arlettie’s distinct luxury vision into a tangible digital experience. This process involved iterative designs, constant feedback loops, and ensuring that user experience wasn’t sacrificed at the altar of aesthetics. Our commitment to the project saw us venturing beyond conventional design strategies to marry luxury with functionality seamlessly.

Arlettie Ipad version
Arlettie Ipad version

Secure the final result

A crucial component of our success was the harmonious partnership between my team, Arlettie’s internal marketing division, and the external development agency. By ensuring constant communication, aligned goals, and a mutual understanding of the brand, we created a cohesive strategy that resonated across every touchpoint of the user journey, as well as a robust website with a large device accessibility.

Desktop version
Desktop version

Project’s outcomes

The Arlettie Paris project showcased the synergy of brand understanding, UX/UI expertise, and effective collaboration. By keeping the brand’s essence at the forefront, we sculpted a digital space that not only spoke Arlettie’s language of luxury but also catered to the modern-day needs of its clientele.

Strengthened Digital Footprint: The website became a beacon of Arlettie’s online presence, expanding its reach while retaining exclusivity.

Operational Revamp: The online transition of the Arlettie card purchase streamlined the brand’s operations, offering substantial savings.

Elevated User Experience: The platform now enables clients to effortlessly track and subscribe to events, accentuating their engagement with Arlettie.

CEO’s Endorsement: The satisfaction and trust reposed by the CEO, reflected in the continuation of our collaboration for Arlettie’s e-commerce venture, underscored the project’s triumph.