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Crafting a Digital Fortress: Antiopea’s Secure Data Exchange


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Application SaaS Antiopea
Application SaaS Antiopea


The digital age presents a complex challenge: the seamless exchange of data coupled with rock-solid security. When the start-up Antiopea approached me, they presented a vision of a SaaS application that embodied this very essence, aiming to equip businesses with an advanced suite of tools for secure data and document exchange powered by Blockchain technology. Think of it as building a virtual vault, but one that’s as accessible and user-friendly as a professional social network, tailored to the intricacies of internal company interactions.


As the Head of Design and Founder of Uni Agency, my role was multi-faceted. Beginning with a deep dive into user needs, I engaged in meticulous persona studies to discern the typical user profile and structured platform functionalities according to their importance and frequency of use. This laid the foundation for designing user paths, culminating in an efficient page layout. My design journey with Antiopea transitioned from conceptual wireframes to full-fledged, high-resolution interface designs, ensuring each graphical element and animation was fine-tuned to enhance user navigation. I crafted a comprehensive and reusable Design System, which was relayed to developers using Zeplin, making certain the application’s visual fidelity and functionality were preserved. Beyond the application, my expertise was further tapped to develop Antiopea’s official website, providing an informative window to potential clients about the revolutionary solution they offer.

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