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Designing an Emergency Response Revolution: Urgentime’s Video Call Breakthrough


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Application SaaS Urgentime
Application SaaS Urgentime


Born out of an entrepreneurial program at HEC, I co-founded Urgentime with a lifesaving vision in mind. In the unpredictable realm of emergency response, seconds can make the difference between life and death. Recognizing this crucial gap, our objective was to drastically enhance the immediacy and efficiency of emergency interventions. Urgentime emerged as a groundbreaking tool that connects individuals directly to emergency services like fire brigades and SAMU (Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente) via video calls. As both a co-founder and a key figure in shaping the strategy, communication, and design, I embarked on a journey to innovate the way we perceive and engage with urgent medical care.


With a rich blend of roles encompassing co-founding, communication management, and design, I was at the helm of molding the very essence of Urgentime’s web application. The vision was straightforward yet transformative: a quick, no-install video call solution that complements the traditional emergency call. My primary responsibilities revolved around designing a user-centric SaaS web application and creating the website mockup, encompassing the essence of Urgentime in its graphic charter. Additionally, I was deeply involved in the creation of vital communication materials. All this, built using cutting-edge tools and software, culminating in an ongoing test phase with a fire brigade service, ready to gather real-world feedback to further refine and enhance the application’s utility and user experience.

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