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Empowering Green Energy: Quantom’s Photovoltaic Management Revolution Dashboard


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Application SaaS Quantom
Application SaaS Quantom


Quantom, an avant-garde start-up at the forefront of renewable energy, had a compelling vision: a pioneering SaaS application dedicated to optimizing the photovoltaic central management for agricultural operators. Recognizing the need for an intuitive yet robust digital solution, they reached out to me, entrusting me with the crucial task of bringing their vision to life. They aspired to enhance the production efficiency of solar installations and offer an immediate overview for maintenance and enhancement tasks. In a world increasingly leaning towards sustainable energy, the amalgamation of solar power with agriculture represented not just an innovative venture, but a leap into the future of energy management.


Stepping into this pivotal journey with Quantom, my initial undertaking was deeply rooted in user experience. My methodology started with extensive user research, progressing to structuring the application’s informational architecture, mapping user journeys, and materializing the insights into testable wireframe prototypes. These preliminary designs underwent rigorous user testing and multiple feedback rounds with internal teams to fine-tune the UX. Transitioning to the UI phase, I crafted interfaces that embodied simplicity and clarity, utilizing subtle color accents to draw users’ attention to pivotal data points. Beyond the application, I supported Quantom in its market outreach. From creating motion designs and online diagnostic tools to designing print communication assets like illustrations, flyers, and expo stands, my collaboration with Quantom was holistic, ensuring their digital footprint resonated with their innovative spirit.

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Product Design Quantom
Product Design Quantom