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Data driven marketing Dashboard

Driving Strategic Decisions: Designing Renault’s International Marketing Dashboard


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Renault Big data dashboard
Renault Big data dashboard


The renowned French automobile conglomerate, Renault, aimed to harness the transformative power of data in its marketing strategy. Recognizing the significance of making informed decisions based on concrete numbers, they envisioned a digital dashboard. This would serve as a touchpoint for high-level marketing decision-makers, providing a comprehensive overview of the brand’s international advertising campaigns. Their goal was not just to amass data, but to capture it in a way that would allow for strategic extrapolations and potent insights.

Application SaaS métier
SaaS Interface


As the lead UX/UI designer, I was tasked with the intricate challenge of designing this pivotal dashboard. Collaborating closely with a developer and a project manager, I conducted intensive workshops with the client to define the key performance indicators (KPIs) and discern the optimal way to present intricate data. Given the complexity of the information, the design process demanded precision in ensuring intuitive data extraction for users. Our ultimate aim was to craft a visual representation that would empower Renault’s marketing managers to not only understand but also act upon the insights, replicating successes across the globe.

Responsive device
Responsive device